What is Hydrolates?

The Hydrolates system is a form of movement programming in the water, emphasising the balanced development of the body through core awareness, postural strengthening, mobility and breathing. The Hydrolates programming uses equipment such as – blocks, balls, mini-sticks, resistance gloves, strengthening straps and Hydrolates sticks to improve the resistance, efficiency and awareness in the water.

The Hydrolates classes are run by experienced and accredited Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists with specific training in the Hydrolates system. All the practitioners have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the human body, with extensive knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy and rehabilitation from orthopaedic and acute and chronic medical conditions.

How do I book a Hydrolates class?

Prior to commencing a Hydrolates class, a thorough Initial assessment is undertaken by an Exercise Physiologist to understand how your body moves and to develop a personalised home self-management program (to compliment the Hydrolates). Everybody’s functional goals are different, therefore it is important that you have a tailored management plan that is specific to what you want to achieve (with specific time frames, and a goal orientated focus). The specific sessions are dynamic and the conditioning evolves, as your body adapts and your goals change.

Who can do Hydrolates?

Hydrolates is so incredibly versatile. Hydrolates can be of great benefit if you are:

  • Rehabilitation from an injury or surgery: Hydrolates can assist to regain lost strength, conditioning, mobility, balance and motor control. It’s a fabulous way to transition back to sport, work or to return to your activities of daily living.
  • Postural conditioning: typical office desk job: prolonged sitting often leads to weak posture, which can result in back or neck pain and stiffness. Hydrolates can help stabilise and strengthen your postural muscles.
  • Pre- or post-natal: The Hydrolates system can be tailored to suit women who are pregnant to help manage the physical changes and challenges involved with pregnancy. The programming also helps to prevent pregnancy-related symptoms such as back and pelvic pain, sciatic pain, etc . Hydrolates also has a major role with post-partum recovery and can assist women strengthen their pelvic floor.
  • Support: Hydrolates is an enjoyable and challenging way to meet like-minded people who thrive on working out in a fun environment.
  • High Performance: Hydrolates is a great way to assist in injury prevention. It can help to fine-tune the skills required for all sports. Hydrolates can add that extra dimension to your current training program, and increase sports performance.
  • Managing strength as we age: Strength, balance & motor control often decreases after 50, however appropriate exercise can dramatically improve function (if a regular program is adhered to)! 

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Licencing and training courses:

The Hydrolates system was created by Kirra Rankin from Capital Hydrotherapy in October 2011, and trademarked in 2019.  Registered training courses and licencing for external practitioners, health care providers & health clubs will be available in 2020.

Our Mission: to create an active, and strong community through supportive & efficient postural movement choices.

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Private Health fund rebates available.

Land based Exercise Physiology sessions are also available (progression after Hydrotherapy); pilates programs, swiss ball programs, and Fall Preventions Programs. EPC and Team Care Arrangements are also available and encouraged (see your GP for referral).

Entitled Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) clients may be referred for clinically necessary Exercise Physiology treatment by their General Practitioner on a valid D904 referral form.

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